Play Like a Pro: Top 5 Trominii Dominoes Tips and Tricks

Trominii Tips To Win.

1) Blanks can best be used in blocking others play or if you lay first, as they have no score but you could gain later when used strategically.

2) The Side By side Overlay is a great move and you can use it anytime that you have a Trominii tile that will lay down beside another and match 2 of the 3 numbers. You must however have the linking overlay tile to join the odd numbers left. This is a 2 tile laying play.

3) Always be thinking about loops, due to the play always linking up on 45 degree angles they occur naturally in play. You just have to be ready to close the loop.

4) Tactically form loops quietly, based on what you have in your rack, lay a false trail almost then pounce with a closure.

5) Wildcards come in very handy when someone else might lay their Trominii tile in your planned loop. maybe keep one or 2 handy in your rack.


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