Trominii ®© The 3 Dimensional Dominoes Game (FREE Post on all orders)

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This game is a new twist on an old classic, and is ideal for representing dominoes in a modern way and is suitable for inter-generational play, as well as being educational without children seeing it that way.

The set is made from wood with the numbers etched into the pieces. The elongated hexagon shape opens up multiple avenues to lay pieces, and they can also be stacked in play, making for a much more interesting game than traditional dominoes.

It is fascinating and fun to play, with extra points gained for making loops. It comes with four racks that hold the pieces, which work very well, and also comes with a robust black drawstring bag to hold the pieces. Think of it as a mixture of scrabble and dominoes in 3D and you’re sort of got it. With all new games it takes you a little while to understand the games rules, and then you’re ready for free flowing gaming. Love everything about this game, it’s fun, strategic and gets your brain cells going. Great for old and young alike. At £25.99 it’s not the cheapest game, but it’s so well made and presented, it will last a lifetime of use, and on that basis represents great value. Very happy with this game and have no hesitation in recommending.


After watching the video of your family playing, I realised my husband who loves Dominoes would love your game and also sent it to my 15 yr old to check it out. He confirmed it would be a perfect after dinner game for us all on Christmas Day and we made the purchase! 

Belinda, Penarth, Wales.

This game of Trominii truly is dominoes on steroids and the only limits to gameplay are the size of your table OR take it to the floor and the possibilities are endless. Arrives in a big tin box inside which are the wooden (lovely) trominii pieces, stands to match in the same wood, a cloth bag and detailed instructions. There is also tips and video instructions on their website.

A beautifully presented simple and/or taxing game with age being absolutely no barrier to playing. Now we have had a few pleasurable hours with this game my husband has confiscated it so that he can varnish all the lovely wooden items in the hope to increase further the longevity of the pieces, and in readiness for the winter months when it will get used a lot!

A well thought out game beautifully executed in it's presentation, and worth every penny.

Anonimouse From Amazon review

Trominii is a fascinating game of strategy enjoyed by my wife, myself and our Mothers during these trying times.
The seemingly endless ways of scoring making winning possible from any position makes the game very exciting. A real winner.

R Little, Shrewsbury

Bought as a birthday present for domino crazy nephew. Super fast delivery. Ordered Monday evening, (posted out second class Free of charge), received Thursday.

Really well packaged and arrives in a large tin. Very impressed with product. Highly recommended!


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Wendy Bartley

I bought this as our family Christmas eve game. What a winner!
My kids are no longer kids, so it's a game for all ages. Brilliant quality good fun game!

L Harwood

My family and I love the game, it’s becoming a staple for our game nights.

Samantha E Canada 🇨🇦

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