Trominii ®© The 3 Dimensional Dominoes Game (FREE Post on all orders)

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What's Different ?

Trominii is played in 3 Dimensions. Upwards as well as flat 2 D, across the play to change direction using skills that become honed.

You can play and join up to 8 Trominii in certain playing shapes, increasing the score each time. 2x4=8, 4x4=16 as an example. The snowflake shape.

Creating loops will double the score, either as squares or any shape you can connect together, planned or unplanned.

You can lay side by side if two numbers match and link over the top with a Trominii that matches 2 numbers below it and play another under that overhang.

You could reduce the size/time of the game by removing certain numbers, blanks, or wildcards.

More ways to win, more ways to play, fits every players needs, simple, tactical, strategic, forward thinking an amazing educational game.


After watching the video of your family playing, I realised my husband who loves Dominoes would love your game and also sent it to my 15 yr old to check it out. He confirmed it would be a perfect after dinner game for us all on Christmas Day and we made the purchase! 

Belinda, Penarth, Wales.

Trominii is a fascinating game of strategy enjoyed by my wife, myself and our Mothers during these trying times.
The seemingly endless ways of scoring making winning possible from any position makes the game very exciting. A real winner.

R Little, Shrewsbury

Bought as a birthday present for domino crazy nephew. Super fast delivery. Ordered Monday , received Thursday...😱😱

Really well packaged and arrives in a large tin. Very impressed with product. Highly recommended! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻“

Wendy Bartley

I bought this as our family Christmas eve game. What a winner!
My kids are no longer kids, so it's a game for all ages. Brilliant quality good fun game!

L Harwood

My family and I love the game, it’s becoming a staple for our game nights.

Samantha E Canada 🇨🇦