Tips and Tricks To Make You a Winner

Trominii, Tips and Tricks to Becoming a Winner in the 21st century Dominoes Game 

The idea to closing loops is one to look out for at any point of the play and could be one that many miss out on.

The smaller square shaped loops that you can see in this image are relatively easy to make, assuming you get the chance to finish one of somebody else's or finish your own.

However looking around the game play and adding tiles discreetly in seemingly random places can bring greater rewards by closing bigger loops, remembering that every loop you close doubles the score of directly connected tiles as the image again shows.

There is never a place that you can't play a tile it seems. But Strategy and Tactical game play can really come into its own for those more serious games in groups, tournaments or families alike.


Simple accumulation of points in Trominii

This may become a fairly common sight in any play as it brings easy wins on scoring. 

Each time another tile is added to the central connection point the score is added all around its touching positions.

The score on this with the 8 Trominii tiles touching each other and all having the same number is 32, going up by 4 each time a tile is added of course.

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Multiple playing strategies in the 21st Century Dominoes Game Trominii

You can see here that someone was potentially trying to make a square loop. But someone else has played their own piece (5|3|4) to block it.

Lets say the first piece played to block it was the one going vertically up at the top of the image.

By laying it in the way it is, the square cant be made, but you can also see as play progressed that there was eventually a loop closed and points doubled.

Plus the 3 Dimensional play that has gone up a layer to score and attach on a flat side central number.

This is the only way a central number can be brought into play within the rules.


Trominii side by side overlay play

This move is a great one when played. You can see in the image alongside that a Double Wildcard and 5 has been laid next to the Double 5 and Blank. ( On the left of the picture) 

As long as 2 tiles can be played, the 4 touching the Wildcard can also be brought into play by overlaying the 5, the Wildcard and the 4 that has its pointed tip next to the Wildcard.

The scoring tiles are the four tiles immediately connected to the play.



Its never just about blocking others though, you have to Strategize and become Tactically aware of your moves and all other players to Win.