Trominii Dominoes Scoring Explained

The scoring when playing Trominii is fairly straightforward although I will use pictures to show some of the routes that bring in scores and which Trominii count in the scoring.

1) First the snowflake shape that shows how many times and how Trominii can link to themselves in a small space.

Trominii snowflake shape moves You can see the shape and how each number 4 links in to each other.

The first two laid and matching would give a score of 8, another piece laid would count 3 x 4 = 12, next piece added counts 4 x 4 = 16, next piece 5 x 4 = 20 on up to the maximum score in this play of 32.

2) How to link Trominii correctly so that they score within the rules.

Correct linking or matching of numbers on Trominii tilesIncorrect image of matching Trominii tiles in play

You can see the first picture shows a 45 degree connecting to a 45 degree angle. this is ticked as correct.

The second picture shows a Trominii tile being laid singly on a flat side of the adjoining Tile. This is incorrect.

Although when an extra tile is linked into a play, similar to the tiles at the bottom of each picture you will see that the 4s are laid on a side but as a secondary play when both angles are used.

3) Some of the loops and how to score those.

Scoring Trominii loopsThe Green line shows that only those that form the direct path of the loop count in the score. None of the extra limbs or connections form the loop.

Scoring Trominii loops 2

4) The side by side overlay scoring.

Side by Side Overlay scoring in Trominii. The 3 Dimensional play.The green line again shows which Trominii are linked and form part of the score.

The first number 5 it touches then both Trominii tiles plus the one overlaid on top all add to this score.