What's great about Trominii !

  • 3D DOMINOS SET: If you like classic board games you'll absolutely love Trominii. A clever twist on the classic pub game this 3-Dimensional dominoes game will provide hours of fun for all the family
  • ADDICTIVE: a fiendishly challenging game of strategy. Outsmart your opponents with this irresistible board game, you can win or lose with the last domino played. You'll be hooked before you know it!
  • STRATEGIC: what a conundrum, stack or lay flat? Where can you score the most points? Squares, loops, over the top, side by side? Only you can decide? The ultimate in tabletop games for adults and kids
  • ONE NAME MANY GAMES: need fast, quick and edge of your seat party, garden or Christmas games then Trominii is perfect for you. Hone your skills, improve your memory, great math's games for children.
  • QUICK AND SIMPLE TO LEARN: if you can play traditional dominoes you can play Trominii. easy to understand instructions, useful video and tips means you will be a master of this modern dominoes set.