Some Facts and Coincidences. Trominii the only 3 Dimensional Dominoes Game

Trominii is an amazing game to play and great fun. Its also a set of coincidences that all come together in the number 77.

Each Trominii tile is 77 mm long

There are 77 Trominii pieces

The Tin is 77 mm tall.

All of these 77s are true coincidence.

There is another 77 connected to this game that I won't let on just yet.

The number was 78 but it altered to 77 for a reason obviously.

I looked up the number 77 and it only has good things written about it.

So I'm happy.

Have a great time playing a perfect game to relax and unwind.

The image is about Linear Perspective. Looking at things in different ways.

Drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci