What are the different ways to play Trominii

Trominii is a game for all ages. 

If we work from the youngest up they can start by using the tiles to make shapes, squares, rectangles, then moving into matching the dots with each other. 

counting the dots. Adding the dots to find the highest scoring piece. 

From there they can start to play by making trails of pieces with matching numbers. 

Then scoring each play if playing with others.

For those that want to have a friendly quiet game you can just play by matching the numbers also, until you run out of tiles to play. 

Another way to play is by restricting the area of play. I once did this at an airport in Denmark. A small table between seats in the waiting area. I spoke to the lady next to me and asked if she would like to play a new game. She gratefully accepted rather than constantly clock watch. 

She loved Trominii. Asking where she could buy it, unfortunately I only had a prototype set and none to sell. 

For those that take gaming seriously, there are so many ways to stretch your strategic and tactical brain power.

Even playing in 3 Dimensions and alongside each piece in the same turn.

Endless ways to play.

Enjoy the finest dominoes game available. We think it is anyway.  

Let us know what you think ? 

Thank you for reading. 


Watch Video on How to play Trominii the 3Dimensional Dominoes Game